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The Olympics will have another champion, Russia will take bronze.


The Olympics will have another champion, Russia will take bronze. IN hockey playoff prediction :

Canada will play in the final, America will be left without medals.

February 14 at the men's hockey tournament of the 2022 Olympics is a day of rest. 

The group stage ended yesterday, four qualifying matches will take place tomorrow,

the quarterfinals, where the Russian team directly made it, will be played only on Wednesday, February 16th.

The Olympics will have another champion, Russia will take bronze.

The Olympics

structure of the playoffs at the Olympic Games

It would be useful to once again recall the structure of the playoffs at the Olympic Games.

The four best teams in the ranking compiled after the group stage went straight to the quarterfinals, the remaining eight teams will identify four more participants in the quarterfinals in the qualifying matches.

Here's what the playoff bracket looks like.


  • Canada - China
  • Denmark - Latvia
  • Czech Republic - Switzerland
  • Slovakia — Germany
  • USA - Slovakia/Germany
  • Finland - Czech Republic/Switzerland
  • Russia — Denmark/Latvia
  • Sweden - Canada/China

after quarter-finals

After the quarter-final round, there will be a re-seeding based on the same rating.

That is, in the semi-finals, the highest-seeded team will meet with the lowest-seeded team,

the remaining two teams will form the other semi-final pair.

For example,

if all four leaders of the rating make it to the semi-finals, then the pairs will look like this: USA - Sweden, and Russia - Finland.

Playoff prediction from Lukin

The qualifying round of the playoffs at this Olympiad is very unpredictable.

Of course, Canada will easily step over China and enter the Swedes in the quarterfinals, but what about in other pairs?

Denmark seems to be the favourite in the confrontation with Latvia, but the wards of Harijs Vitolins, although they did not score a single point in the group, looked very worthy against the Swedes and Finns.

Only the game with Slovakia did not work out for them, but this does not mean anything on the eve of the quarterfinals.

Denmark pleases with its organization, certain correctness - this is a real team, strong in structure, and not in personalities. Of course, the Scandinavians have more chances to get into the quarterfinals, but I wouldn't be surprised if Russia plays the Latvians on Wednesday.

The Germans, after a weak game with China, came out angry and focused on the United States, showing a preview of their quarterfinal hockey.

There is a feeling that the soft Slovaks will not cope with the German aggression and the vice-champions of the Olympics will not leave the tournament too early.

The Czech Republic, of course, should beat Switzerland, which is still unintelligible at this tournament, in the qualification,

but Pechan's team is very unstable and cannot give its fans any guarantees in the playoffs.

If there is little chance in the majority and again does not go with the implementation, then the Czechs will be left without real trump cards.

In the quarterfinals, the main battle, of course, should be played by the Swedes and the Canadians, but there is a favourite in this pair. Maple Leaves,

perhaps, are obliged to pass the starless, spineless, and historically non-cup Sweden.

Russia is not at all impressive in the tournament, however, the team of Alexei Zhamnov is very lucky so far, the match with either Denmark or Latvia will open the way to the semifinals.

Of course, it will not be easy with both opponents, but even this Russian team has enough skill, training, character (depending on what you need) to avoid shame and get into medal matches.

Least of all doubts in the Finnish national team. That's where the power system and tough coaching hand, that's where the character, as shown by the last game against Sweden.

Both the Czechs and the Swiss wards Jalonen must pass effortlessly. Maybe not literally, but in essence.

Team USA did a great job in the group stage: a young, fast, perky team.

Spectators fall in love with such people, but the paradox is that they rarely take trophies and win medals: there is always some boring, stubborn, and the sickeningly correct opponent who ends the party ahead of time. In principle, both the Slovaks and the Germans are capable of kicking the Americans out of the tournament - quite experienced European teams.

But it seems that the United States will still go to the semi-finals, but there it will already step aside in the dismantling of adult uncles.

  • USA - Canada
  • Russia — Finland

This is how the semi-finals seem to me, and this is the worst scenario for Russia.

With strong Finns, we historically play badly at serious cup stages, and now not only the Finns are good, but the Russian team is in an incomprehensible state - in a much worse state than at the 2019 World Cup, or at the 2014 Olympics, or the 2006 Olympics, or the 2016 World Cup.

Finland will play, as usual, dry, strict, correct, and disciplined, and I don't know what today's Russia will be able to object to this.

I'm almost certain that Canada will win the other semi-final (if it is like that).

If only because there are more experienced players who know how to play knockout matches.

Yes, and I already wrote everything about the Americans: I can’t believe that students will slam solid “maple leaves” for the second time in the tournament.

And also the USA will lose the match for bronze to Russia.

And also the USA will lose the match for bronze to Russia.

Because young people are never interested in repechage finals, and our team will not be able to return from Beijing without a medal - remember about the matter of national importance? Bronze, of course, is not gold,

but it can also be presented to the authorities as an achievement.