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top 9 the future top sports in the united states?


top sports - sports is the performance of specific movements with physical work, has a sequential order dedicated to human skills, for various goals such as:

  • therapy, 
  • entertainment, 
  • competition, 
  • excellence,

Need the perseverance to reach the best, best performance and consistent according to the sport practiced.

top 9 the future top sports in the united states?

What is the best sport in America?

If we talk in detail about all sports in the world, we will not end it, because of the incredible variety and difference.

but we can divide them into several sections and give some examples of each section to see its benefits to us, which are as follows:

  • Fitness Sports

All types of sports need high fitness, but some of them are highly specialized in this field, for example:

Gymnastics: Gymnasts have a unique physique, their jumping style, and the flexibility they enjoy; you won't find them in other games.

  1. help train the body for endurance,
  2. raise the level of self-confidence, 
  3. flexibility with movements,
  4. body beauty and agility,
  5. agility,

So we find the same in other gymnastics-like games.

DanceNeeds high fitness and good knowledge of how to move each muscle in the body, it represents among the best sports based on burning fat intensely,

different types of dance, including belly dancing, ballet that needs high flexibility as gymnasts, and Western dance.

  • Group sports

Sports that need team spirit to work together harmoniously, and the most famous examples are:

Football: A game that is no secret to how well its players

  1. enjoy high fitness,
  2. speed, strength,
  3. agility in movement,
  4. sharp intelligence,

And teamwork is lacking in some other types of sport, not to mention the physical and psychological benefits of the sport.

Basketball and volleyball: Two different but somewhat similar sports where you need consistent team planning :

  • that raises the level of intelligence of the players,
  • it increases the strength,
  • speed,
  • concentration,

this is how doctors prefer those who suffer from short stature to 

practice these sports, which helps to :

  1. increase height,
  2. they maintain the agility of the body,
  3. burning excess fat,
  4. self-confidence.
  • Athletics

Many are athletics and multiple, with great benefits to man, the most famous of which are:

Running: An easy but tiring sport, valid for the big before the young, as doctors recommend it to solve all problems,

  1. problems of health,
  2. excess weight, 
  3. burning fat, 
  4. defects of the heart and arteries,

And many other problems, defects faced by man find the solution in the sport of running.

Swimming:  A top sport loved by all, children, young people and the elderly, male and female, it is also one of the best sports for recreation, and improving the psychological state of man,

where you need some training first, but whoever learned it could not leave it for life, maintains agility, gives excellent fitness, and gets rid of most problems, defects, and health defects, it is like running sport, but it is more fun.

  • Combat games

Many people seek to be world champions in one of these sports because they give self-confidence, but they are essential for everyone, male or female;

Boxing: An extreme sport, needing an iron body, it is beneficial if well used,

this helps give man the strength that many other combat games lack, as athletes consider it one of the most decisive games that help self-defense if necessary.

Karate: A beautiful sport, which gives man self-confidence, not to mention the extraordinary wisdom and intelligence of this game, such as this earn man high concentration power, speed of intuition, terrible endurance, excellent physical agility, all in karate and the like, such as taekwondo, congo, like, and many more.

  • intelligence sports

Chess: A sport that does not need muscle in the arms, nor agility and high softness, but is a modus operand of the most challenging games, it earns good planning, wisdom, foresight, and this is the speed of intuition in dealing with embarrassing situations.

Benefits of sports

  • Maintains the required level of weight by burning excess fat or developing muscles and increasing its weight for those who have been losing weight.
  • Fights cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol.
  • Protect against diabetes.
  • It helps people with stress because it lifts the energy, gives self-confidence, and relieves the person of excessive stress.
  • Increases your level of intelligence.
  • Maintains the health of the physical organs, especially joints and ligaments.
  • Increases men's sexual fertility.