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What foods have a lot of vitamin D


The body produces vitamin D, mainly with the help of sunlight. Food can cover only a tiny part of the requirements. But what foods contain a lot of vitamin D?

The sun plays a vital role in the vitamin D balance. The human body makes up most vitamins through the penetration of ultraviolet rays into the skin. Diet contributes only a tiny portion: no food can provide as much vitamin D as the sun.

Controlling vitamin D intake solely through diet does not work. However, regular consumption of foods containing vitamin D can help to prevent a deficiency. This is especially true during the autumn and winter months when the sun rarely shows up, clothing covers the skin, and most people spend the day indoors. A long-term under-supply has negative consequences.

What foods have a lot of vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for:

  1. the immune system,
  2. bones, skin, and nails
  3. psyche and mood

If you often feel weak and tired or have trouble concentrating, check your vitamin D level by a doctor. If the vitamin D value is too low, vitamin D supplements can support your healthy food system. Necessary: Do not permanently exceed the recommended dosage.

What foods contain a lot of vitamin D?

The selection of vitamin D-containing foods is manageable. Someone mainly found it in:
  • fatty fish
  • cod liver oil
  • milk, eggs, and butter (small amounts)
Cod liver oil and fatty fish such as herring make the most significant contribution to vitamin D supply from food. In our latitudes, however, these foods are rarely on the table. Cod liver oil, in particular, got from the liver of cod, with its rancid taste, is frowned upon by many. We consume dairy products and eggs more frequently. However, the amounts we eat every day are too small to absorb enough vitamin D.

The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends a minimum of 20 micrograms of vitamin D per day. This corresponds to 800 IU, " the abbreviation be indicative of International Unit." Many experts recommend an average intake of 5,000 IU (for adults weighing around 70 kg).

Foods high contain Vitamin D:-

These foods are rich in vitamin D:

  1. Egg yolk 18 IU (1 Egg yolk)
  2. Salmon 988 IU (100 gram)
  3. Sardines 272 IU (100 gram)
  4. Tuna 268 IU (100 gram)
  5. Cod liver oil 450 IU (1 tbsp.)
  6. Cheese 24 IU (100 gram)
  7. Oysters 268 IU (6 raws)
  8. Shrimp 42 IU (1 large)
  9. Pork 53 IU (100 gram)

vegetables high contain vitamin D:-

  1. Mushroom 2300 IU (100 gram)
  2. Soy Milk 107-117 IU (1 cup)
  3. Orange juice 100 IU (1 cup)
  4. Cereal 40-100 IU 
  5. oatmeal 54–136 IU
  6. Tofu 100 IU (100 gram)

The "sun vitamin" is not very sensitive to heat, and foods with vitamin D, such as fish and eggs, can be boiled and fried. The vitamin tolerates temperatures of up to 180 degrees Celsius.

Vegans should help.

Vitamin D is mainly found in animal foods, so vegans are more prone to vitamin D deficiency. Although avocados and mushrooms contain vitamin D2, a precursor of vitamin D3, we must convert this into vitamin D3 through the skin through exposure to the sun. It is best to buy vitamin D combined with vitamin K2, which can help year-round.