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What are forex trading robots

Forex robot is a term that beginners are interested in, and it is one of the most critical terms of trading forex.

Also, the forex robot software is a computer program that works based on a set of trading signals that help determine the process of buying or selling a currency pair at a certain point. Forex robots are designed to remove the psychological component of trading.

What is forex robot and How does a forex robot works?

Forex robots are an alternative automated program for the human trader, which automatically enters trading deals into the market forex without human intervention

It is based on the background of reading the trading forex signals (helping the trader to determine the timing of exit and entry into the market automatically) that have been prepared.

How does a forex robot works

Forex robots work on the back of automated algorithms. It performs some specific mathematical calculations based on particular parameters of algorithms to choose the appropriate decision. 

The forex robot takes the suitable decision as a result of a mathematical process and a number of mathematical equations (algorithms) on the basis of which it takes the most appropriate decision at the right time, and the program on which the forex robot is based may find that the most appropriate decision while trading in the market is to exit the deal, then depending on these Algorithms it make the decision to leave as an optimal option.

Is it legal to use a bot for forex?

As long as you do not violate the rules and regulations regarding trading forex, there is no problem with using the automated trading system.

Who are the users of automated trading?

Many inexperienced traders use a forex robot because they hope that they can easily make money from the forex market without spending a lot of time trading or performing any actions manually.

What are the advantages of forex robots?

Forex robots have several significant advantages, including:

1. Traders tend to use forex robots because it takes away from the psychological factor in making the right decision.

it is known that a forex trader may make a decision, but he may go through a psychological factor that destabilizes his decision, so forex robots were the most appropriate program that he could use. 

2. Some people aspire for more significant gains, so you risk their account and achieve a heavy loss, so the automated trading system is the controller for those who cannot control their ambitions.

3. The human uses forex robots when he wants to deal with several charts, which needs some time. So while using forex robots, he can cancel a number of charts in one move.

4. There may be confusion and instability in the market, or the actual direction of the trend is not clear, but the robot directs you to a winning trade.

5. The one who makes these robots is the programmer. 

Still, the robot is characterized by allowing the trader to intervene in determining the number of risks and management style, such as defining currency pairs, defining the lot size compared to the capital, defining the trading time, the minimum profit, and the risk limit.

 the disadvantages of forex robots?

1. Robots cannot be wholly relied on to manage trades, but you have to make them as a tool to help you make decisions that suit you.

2. Companies are always advised to be careful when purchasing forex robots from trusted sources and review their system.

3. Robots (automated trading systems) do not achieve losses mostly, but no company dispenses with a trading system that makes profits for it. 

Instead, every company develops its programs because it considers it to be the company’s dynamo that cannot be dispensed with easily, so it is better that the robot system that The trader will take, he must work on its development or seek the assistance of specialists who develop it and achieve profits for the company that is commensurate with the new developments.

4. The dependence of some traders on free and sometimes paid and unreliable forex robots, which may cause wastage of capital, and the reason is that robots rely on equations that are not strong in performance. 

and then mislead indicators in the ability to determine price movement in the future, which gives unrealistic results, and it can be avoided by ensuring that the robot you will get is continuously developed according to its trading system.

5. The trader sets the robot according to his instructions and turns it on.

Although it is an advantage, but it is a double-edged sword. The trader may enter several wrong instructions. 

Then the robot will exit trades based on the trader’s instructions that the trader then cannot fix, because the robot’s decision is much faster than waiting time to read analytics and decision making.

6. A robot is a computer program, and it can be infected with a virus like other programs, and then it may cause huge losses by issuing inappropriate commands and disabling it at critical times.

7. The robot may be disabled at the time of the release of important news related to the economy, making it inflexible to make a decision commensurate with the future economic conditions.

8. the automated trading software you purchased may be compatible with the past year but is not developed according to future developments. It is not suitable and harms the trader because his reading is unrealistic. 

This can be avoided by doing a trial version of the program until you are assured of it.

9. Some may find that the decision of forex robots is not appropriate, but the reason behind this is that the information that was stored based on the market and market history is not enough to make an appropriate decision, or things have changed in the market that do not have a prior history that the program did not store, so the decision is incorrect.